1Theyvaa S. KrishnanIn ProgressMaster in Computer Science2018 – 2019
2Lim Teng SoonIn ProgressPhD in Computer Science2018 – 2020
3Kok Sim HoongIn ProgressPhD in Computer Science2018 – 2020
4Ilangovan PerumalIn ProgressPhD in IT2016 – 2019
5Noreen KausarHybrid Approach of Clustered-SVM for Rational Clinical Features in Early Diagnosis of Heart DiseasePhD in Informatics2015
6Hafiz Muhammad ImranHybrid Soft Computing Approach for Intrusion Detection SystemPhD in Informatics2014
7Muhammad Agni Catur BhaktiAutonomic Computing Approach Towards Autonomic and Intelligent Service Oriented ArchitecturePhD in IT2011
8Asfandyar KhanEnergy Efficient Cluster Based Architecture Design for Wireless Sensor NetworkPhD in IT2011
9Iftikhar AhmedOptimized Intrusion Detection Mechanism Using Soft Computing TechniquesPhD in IT2011
10Muna Elsadig Mohamed AhmedBiological Inspired Intrusion Prevention and Self healing system for Critical Services NetworkPhD in IT2011
11Mahamat Issa HassanSemantic-Based, Scalable, Decentralized, and Dynamic Resource Discovery for Internet-Based Distributed System.PhD in IT2010
12Hamada Rasheed Hassan Al AbshiBiologically Inspired Object Recognition System.MSc in IT2010
13Yasir Adbelgadir MohamadBiologically Inspired Protocol for Securing A Class of Networks.PhD in IT2010
14Ashraf Ahmed FadelelmoulaA Comprehensive Replication Strategy for Improving Availability and Maintaining Consistency In Large Scale Mobile Distributed Database System.PhD in IT2009
15Aiman MoyaidA New Scheme for Extracting Association Rule.MSc in IT2009
16Oumar Abderaman MahamadBio-inspired Mechanism for Securing Distributed Networked Component Based Software.MSc in IT2009
17Maythem Kamal AbbasFormal Specification Language for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks.MSc in IT2009
18Intan Najua Binti Kamal NasirSecurity Specification Language for Distributed Health Information System.MSc in IT2009
19Mazin ElhadiBiologically Inspired Self-Healing Software System Architecture.MSc in IT2008
20Abdelmajid Oumer Alhussein MusmarAn Object Oriented Approach for Business Process Re-engineering.MSc in IT2008
21Muhammad Agni catur BhaktiAuthentication Mechanism for Ad Hoc Wireless Local Area Network.MSc in IT2008
22Irving Putra PaputunganRecovery Model for Survivable System.MSc in IT2008
23DickyEkklesiaSemantically Integrated e-Learning Interoperability Agent.MSc in IT2008

Undergraduate Final Year Project (Last 5 Years)

1Chee Zhong Wei Ho Tze Hon Kenneth Koe Ee Ping Lim Kuan WeiMicro Malware GeneratorBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2017
2Lakshana Bunghoo, Sandip Singh Daryl GohEnhancing Privacy and Confidentiality in Google ChromeBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2017
3Yew Nuo Han Lam Wai Kiat Leonard Stuart MadindaSite Authentication and Validation Toolkit For Soho NetworkBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2016
4Neoh Weng Hong Cecilia Marie Ling Berador Qurrata Ayuni Nasution SaifuddinNoteFORensicsBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2016
5Kok Chee Chung, Chung Yih Chyi, Chin Wai KitModifying NicTool for recording telephony-based addressing in DNSBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2016
6Sara Phan Kay Lyn, Praveen s/o Raja, Mukesh Vijaian, Nazirul Amirin Bin HamzahEnhancing Intrusion Detection System with Prediction Module for DDOS and R2L AttacksBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2016
7Tan Kuan SengNetwork Intrusion Detection – Evasion Technique (Fragmentation, Encryption, DDOS)Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2015
8Rico Ong Yu JiunnNetwork Intrusion Detection – Evasion Technique (Fragmentation, Encryption, DDOS)Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2015
9Sean Yap Fu XianNetwork Intrusion Detection – Evasion Technique (Fragmentation, Encryption, DDOS)Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2015
10Chin Yung ZhenMalicious hyperlink detection systemBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2015
11Tan Wun ShingMalicious hyperlink detection systemBachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2015
12Saravaneshwaran RajaMITMA: Wireless Intrusion Detection System on Mobile Network for Man-in-the Middle-Attack Using Evil Twin.Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2014
13Khanna KamalanathanDDosDetect: Wireless Intrusion Detection System on Mobile Application to Detect DDos Attack.Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2014
14Mohalila JubliEavesdropAlert: Mobile Application WIDS to Detect Eavesdropping Attack.Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2014
15Jaspreet Singh JohlIntrusion Forecasting System (GARMA 1,2:D1,1)Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2014
16Loke Ken YueIntrusion Forecasting System (GARMA 1,1: D1,D2)Bachelor,Computer Security and Forensic (Hons)2014