IT Consultancy Projects

  • 2014-2016 National Contributions (Malaysia)

    - 11th Malaysian Plan
    - Cybersecurity Framework Development for Public Sector, 2016-2020
    - ICP Strategy Document (ISD) for National Cyber Security
    - National Cyber Security Framework
    - National Cryptography Framework
    - Technical Committee Member, Cyber Security Global ACE

  • 2013 RIMA Education Group


  • 2012 Institute Bank Malaysia

    Learning Management System

  • 2011 Cybersecurity Malaysia

    Quantum Information Security for Critical IT Infrastructure

  • 2010 Government of Malaysia

    National IT R&D Roadmap

  • 2004-2007 CyEduLab

    Chief Security Officer/VP (IT Services, Security Consultancy)

Funded Projects


Taylors University Flagship Project -1st October 2017 – 30th September 2020 -RM255,000
CRIMETNET: A Framework for Graphical Visualization of Criminal and Terrorist Networks using extreme learning and predictive modeling


a) E-Science, Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, Malaysia

1. Biologically Inspired protocols for Securing Hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc Networks – RM81, 160 – Completed October 2009.

2. Biologically Inspired Middleware for Self-Healing Ubiquitous Systems – RM95,245 – Completed October 2009.

3. Nature Inspired Intrusion Prevention and Self-Healing System for Critical Services Technology Infrastructure – Awarded February 2010.

b) Short Term Internal research Fund – University Technology Petronas- Completed April 2009

1. Biologically Inspired Self-healing Software Systems Architecture – Completed December 2008, RM16,500.

2. Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network Cross-layer MAC Protocol with Data Packet Length Optimization – Completed December 2009, RM25,000.

c) Petroleum Research Fund – PETRONAS

1. Virtual Solar Cell- RM7,000,000

d) Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

1. FRGS – (Ref: FRGS/1/2014/SG04/TAYLOR/02/1)
Properties and Estimation of the parameters of Second Order Generalized Autoregressive Moving Average (GARMA) Models – July 2014 – June 2016 – RM82,200 -Co-Researcher.

2. FRGS – (Ref: FRGS/1/2014/ICT04/MUST/01/1)
Immunosecurity: Theoretical and Algorithmic Extraction and Combination of the Dendritic Cell Mechanism with Statistical Modeling for Improving Cyber Intrusion Detection – July 2014 – June 2016 – RM71,200 – Co-Researcher.

3. FRGS – Predictive Analytic Theory Generation and Foundation for a Novel Bio-Inspired Intrusion Prevention and Self-Regeneration System for Cyber Defense – November 2013 – RM73,000 – Principal Investigator.

4. FRGS – Foundations for a Novel Bio-Inspired Intrusion Prevention and Self Healing System for Advanced Network Services – Awarded March 2013 – RM65,000 – Principal Investigator.

5. FRGS – Foundation for a Self-Organizing Services-Oriented Architecture in Computational Engineering and Bioinformatics Research – Awarded March 2010 – RM40,000 – Principal Investigator.

6. Cradle Investment Programme – Collaborative Clinical Diagnostic Ecosystem in a Cloud – October 2010 – RM150,000 – Principal Investigator.

e). Taylors University Research Grant Scheme
Determining the properties of Generalized Autoregressive Moving Average (GARMA (2,1:&,1)) and its application in cyber-attack prediction – June 2014-May 2015 – RM19,000 – Co-Researcher.

International Grants

Proposing Secured & Reliable Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Based System for Critical Pipeline Infrastructure (120127)
Name of Funding Agency: Deanship of Research King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Project Duration: 18 months
Start Date: February 2011
End Date: August 2012

An Improved Software Development Process for Small and Medium Software Development Enterprises (140151)
Name of Funding Agency: Deanship of Research King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Project Duration: 12 months
Start Date: February 2013
End Date: February 2014